An estoppel letter is a legally binding document, to find out whether the seller has any outstanding balances owed to the HOA.

Mortgage lenders require specific information regarding the association, (financial information, property ownership ratio, insurance agency, delinquency data, etc). This document is also known as the warranty letter, condo cert, HOA cert, PUD cert or mortgage cert.

Typically, the Title Company will order any documents needed for a closing however, a realtor, or other agent may order the document for their clients. A seller may request and pay for the resale disclosure document.

A standard estoppel order will be delivered within 10 days from the order date. If the estoppel is ordered as a rush the estoppel will be delivered no more than 3 days after the order date.

It is important to know if the seller is past due on assessments, and if the property has any outstanding violations. 

Refunds & Cancellations

Once your order is canceled, the refund process begins, and your refund will be issued within 7 to 10 business days. Please note that once the refund has been issued, your financial institution may require additional processing time.

If an order for Documents is cancelled or refund for Documents requested, Our fee and any associated credit card processing fees shall not in any manner be reimbursed, refunded, or returned. The Site may be used to facilitate communication and document transmission between the Association User and Recipient User to coordinate a potential refund; We shall not be responsible for or involved in the refund process.